February 03, 2017 2 min read

Sneakers are a big no-no for an office getup because of dress codes and policies that restrict employees in the aspect of dressing up. Recently, however, sneakers have become acceptable in the revered hall of the workplace as fashion evolves. It is just in the manner of coordinating your dress to your sneakers.

In addition, it is also important to choose the right footwear because not all sneakers are created equal. Just because everybody doesn’t mind you wearing a pair of sleek black Nikes at work, doesn’t mean you should bring your neon trainers as well. It still remains a sensitive topic.

Another thing to consider is your shoes’ condition; do not ever wear anything beaten up or looks like something that belonged to a teen rock star. This is to maintain that professional vibe every office requires. There are ways to wear yours in a seamless process.

So here is a guide to what kind of work outfits you can wear with sneakers.

Wear your classic, tailored pieces with simple toned-down sneakers. You might want to get a fresh update on your perfectly tailored trousers with classic knits or a crisp white shirt before adding sneakers.


Look super cool with a classic, slightly masculine trouser suit. It is perfect for work when topped with sneakers.


Keep your getup monochromatic and modest. Pair it with your favorite trainers to achieve that cool-girl aura in just the right places.


Yes, pencil skirts can be very well partnered with sneakers. It can be worn with a turtleneck top and a plain knit or shirt. The look will still mean business.


Simple and monochromatic in muted colors may flatter your figure and works seamlessly well with sneakers.


Grab a duster coat and wear it over an appropriate set. Now that is so high fashion and professional at the same time.

The rule is easy. Keep it simple and try to look like you are about to go for a jog. Again, avoid neon patterns, stretchy materials and atypical soles. You might consider a New Balance 574 or the Adidas Stan Smith. Another highly recommendable are simple shoes like ultra-minimal Common Projects Achilles or the Rancourt Court Classic. Canvas shoes like Vans or Converse All-Stars are also acceptable in some more casual offices.

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